Coinforecast App

Forecasts and analysis for cryptocurrencies calculated with artificial intelligence. Coinforecast is a free app for forecasts and analysis of the top 500 cryptocurrencies. All important metrics like market capitalization, ranking, volatility, market momentum and much more can be tracked in real time.

All important at a glance

Simple but powerful. All the important features of the Coinforecast app at a glance. Available now for iOS and Android.

  • Bitcoin & Altcoins

    Forecasts and analysis of the Top 500 cryptocurrencies

  • Trading Signals

    Binance & Bybit Exchange Signals for Futures and Spot

  • Secure Data

    No app permissions required & encrypted traffic

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Forecasts and analysis calculated with artificial intelligence

  • Coin Comparison

    Compare the performance of crypto's against each other

  • Realtime Data

    Current crypto rates and data in real time

Work faster and better with powerful tools.

  • All important metrics for the most popular cryptocurrencies at a glance.
  • Forecasts and analysis for cryptocurrencies calculated with artificial intelligence.
  • Binance and Bybit Exchange Trading Signals for Futures and Spot in Real Time.
  • See the latest gainers and losers are based on the top 100 coins.
  • Modern user interface with dark mode function

And this is how it works!

Three simple steps to get started right away.

Install the App

Download and install the Coinforecast App from the App or Play Store.

Setup your profile

Choose your preferred language, display currency and UI Skin.

Enjoy the features!

Get started right away and use all functions without any restrictions.

Simple & Beautiful Interface

Only the most important and necessary to work intuitively! No complicated functions, simple and plain!

App available for iOS & Android

Let the Coinforecast app convince you. Completely unrestricted and 100% free of charge. One of the best and most wonderful alternatives, to other crypto App's. What are you waiting for? Let's go!

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